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Series of 9 photographs documenting performance art exploration in Wales. Exhibited as part of York St Johns degree show 2018.  

Active Bodies in the Landscape is a collaboration between second year York St John Art Students and York St john’s Artist in Residence, Alexander Kaniewski. The project looks at the image of the moving human body in natural landscapes, particularly, how worn garments can affect the human figure and induce certain movements. The artist’s constructed nine costumes or worn garments of their own design that relate to their own individual style and practice. The garments were worn and photographed in the Conwy Valley and Snowdonia Mountains. The garments and movements are a direct response to their individual locations in Wales. The work explores a visceral art form between themselves and the natural landscape around them were the human body can be seen as a figure, an artistic object within the landscape, a canvas within the land for them to portray meaning, movement and shape.

Alexander Kaniewski

Hannah Cash

Jasmine Cash

Holly Futers

Molly Shiel

Megan Blackbourn

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