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Alexander Kaniewski

Alexander Kaniewski, is a Warwick based avant-garde director, designer and theatre maker whose styles explore Contemporary opera, ‘The theatre of Images’ and Performance art. Alexander is a former artist in residence of York St John University and was awarded the graduate prize in a partnership with York Theatre Royal. Alexanders' work explores the look and accuracy of gesture, movement and image in theatre. Interested in the aesthetic of the theatre arts, Alexanders' work looks at how the moving body in space and time can produce highly emotional and visually stunning spectacles.

Contemporary Opera

Alexanders' most recent opera ‘A Very Pleasant Pineapple’ explored the life and work of the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein. An opera of 10 seven minute sections it visually represented the world of Wittgenstein, presenting images, movement and dance from his life and texts inspired by his work. The music of the opera was composed and conducted by Lauren Leigh and was performed live during the performance.   


Performance art practice

Alexanders' personal performance art practice engages with the bodys' interaction to natural and handmade materials and objects. It focuses upon how through their manipulation, meaning can be conveyed and an experience transferred.

Alexander is also a member of the performance art group ‘Cutting Clouds Performance’ the group make works in response to natural and man-made environments, responding to and disrupting these environments as three bodies in the landscape. Their work explores a deep personal connection to normally natural landscapes in which a sense of presence is achieved and shared with their audience.

Artist in residency at York St John University

Alexander Kaniewski was the first artist in residence in theatre at York St John University, and worked closely with the University to celebrate their 50 years of theatre. As part of this Alexander was awarded the graduate prize at the Theatre Royal producing MEDEA MARIA for their Literature Festival in March 2018.


First Class Honours - Theatre, York St John University

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