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Jim Harris, Alexander Kaniewski & Imogen Sutherland.  

We are three performers that make work in response to the environment. Be that mountain, city or river. We explore and celebrate the fact we three artistes and respond to the environment in response to the number three looking for patterns and shapes with in the landscape. Our actions of exploration, are designed to break open the environment, producing thought and association. We are playful in our exploration, using materials such as wood, rope and concrete as well as the materials available to use in our environment. We make structures to aid our exploration of the space. We make structures from the materials in our space. We disrupt the environment, we are at one with the environment. We discover within our environment.

When performing we wish to engage the audience with the actions of our exploration, asking them to have a response to our acts and also to the environment that we are performing in. Our audience are the people around us when we are performing be that invited or by chance. Concerned with the Psychogeorgphy of our environment we respond to them in relation to their history, perceived associations and our personal individual feeling when present in the environment.


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