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Hammock Betwixt Trees.jpg

This work explores the notion of a project that was never intended to have a physical outcome. I was interested in structuring a task that was possible but highly impractical. I considered structuring a project that would take a lifetime or more to complete. A constant project that needed little involvement apart from the commitment to the goal and time. The project was also meant to stand alone as an idea and have worth even without completion. I wanted to score a project as the work, framing it in a way that even by reading the score the work is realised.

The intention was to create a work with a spectrum of realisations and values.  The value of reading the project and imagining its outcome, of planting the trees but never seeing them grow, or the ultimate goal of tying your hammock betwixt the trees you have planted. At all the different stages of completion, I feel the work has worth. 

The work’s intention was also to promote the ideas of doing something now that could be pass on to benefit those of the future. The planting or theoretical planting of the trees becomes the focal point for this. No matter the level of further involvement the performer has, from that point on the trees will most likely grow. Thus, providing a fully grown tree for the planet, a very relevant image for the time we live in. The project could be just plant two trees, but it has the added element of the perseverance and care for the tree in order to make sure the final goal of hanging your hammock is realised, I feel this makes the work more of an expression of human nature relevant to our lives. 

By merely reading this work and connecting to the themes that it provokes the work is realised. The Reader then has the choice whether to pursue the project to receive the degree of satisfaction they imagine they would achieve from completing it fully.

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