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Dance Film 


Choreography and Dance: Alexander Kaniewski

Music: James McIlwrath

Filming: Imogen Sutherland


Leveret explores the joy and energy of dance within the natural landscape. The Amateuristic qualities of the movement hope to translate a sense of freedom and frolic punctuated with the poignant grace of everlasting jumps, taking to the air in a euphoric expression.

The work took inspiration from Philip Halsman’s study of Jumpology, described in The Jump book. A collection of 191 photographs taken by Halsman of leading figures from the  mid-20th century, captured airborne in mid-jump. Halsman believed that when one was in mid-jump they expressed the truest nature of themselves, with no inhibition or pretence.

The word Leveret defines a young hare in its first year of its life. It is in the young animals nature to jump, leap, and run through the country filled with joyous energy and freedom.

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