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The Remorse of Judas
Designed and Directed By Alexander Kaniewski 
for York St John University 
The York Mystery Plays are a theatrical spectacle performed by the communities of the City of York, Originally a set of 48 plays performed by the medieval Guilds of York, they illustrate the Christian history of the world from the Creation to the Last Judgement. They contain stories of delight, humour, horror, temptation and resistance.
"Some plays are revelations. There is a whole play devoted to Judas making increasingly desperate offers to Pilate to save Jesus’s life. Who knew? But it is genuinely moving, not least because as Judas’s final gambit fails, his every agitated move is copied and mocked by the devil who has been watching all along, and who hands him, while mocking, the rope with which he will kill himself. The York St John University players provide one of the most imaginative and technically accomplished productions with set, costumes, ensemble and lead performances all extremely strong. Harry Murdoch’s Judas and Bronte Hobson’s Pilate were highlights of the day."
Review: York Mystery Plays Stephen Longstaffe for Northern Soul
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